10 Provable Benefits Of Traditional Thai Massage

How is a traditional Thai massage different from other massage therapy?

A traditional Thai massage also known as Lazy Massage is based out of the ancient principles of Indian Ayurveda and yogic positions. A therapist will stretch and loosen the muscles to release tension and relieve joints paints. At the end of the thai massage therapy you will feel rejuvenated and energized. 

During this technique the therapist does not make use of any essential oils or lotions instead applies pressure to the pressure areas of the legs and arms. The therapist uses his/her hands, knees, legs and feet to apply adequate pressure to the joints. Once the pressure is applied you will feel the heat as the blood rushes back to the legs. 

10 benefits of of traditional thai massage are as listed below

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  1. Helps you relax your muscles and joints from pains – A Thai massage therapist will perform various yoga asanas like stretches, arm folds etc. to reduce stress and increases blood circulation and gently will increase the pressure applied to the muscles and joints to relieve pain.

  2. A therapy to boost your immunity – The various yoga positions and stretches performed by the receiver will flush out toxins present in the body; and in turn prepares the body to fight against any external germs thus boosting immunity.

  3. Helps you gain a higher sense of mental stability – While the therapist performs an application of pressure on the body, the energy lines are kept alive and this boosts confidence from within.

  4. Recovery from Insomnia – We all know a Thai massage therapist will not use any essential oils while performing a massage; instead the therapist will target the sleep inducing pressure points and perform circulatory motion to help the client recover from insomnia.

  5. Alternative solution to relieve sinusitis and cold – A massage of any kind can help you open up blocked or clotted muscles; joints or tissues present in the body. Sinusitis mainly occurs due to the swelling of sinuses; when right amount of pressure is applied the pain gradually reduces.

  6. Lowers stress and tension – A stress or tension occurs when the mind and the body are confused or under pressure of some sort or form. A Thai massage will help you calm the mind and guides you to focus your energies to multiply positive feeling within yourself.

  7. Reduces Chronic headaches – A sudden emotional imbalance causes a headache or an unhealthy lifestyle that can also be a cause of pain in the head. A Thai massage will help you calm the mind and unwind the knotted muscle fibres which are the main cause of tensions and headaches.

  8. Maximises flexibility and range of motion – Flexibility is very essential to live a healthy long life. A flexible body is always away from injuries and has the capacity to take in more pressure on the joints and muscles. While the therapist applies pressure on the joints; the joints tend to break away from any kind of stiffness thus improving your flexibility and range of motion.

  9. Keeps your skin healthy and improve eye-sight – Any toxins present within the body is harmful and the only way to outburst is through your skin. Large number of pimples or acne on your face might not always occur due to hormonal imbalances; but mainly because of the food consumed.
    One way to exfoliate toxins is by exercising and sweating out your body; on the other hand, walk down to a thai spa in bangalore. They will stretch your body and make sure you are rejuvenated both from inside and out.

  10. Posture correction – We all know a wrong sitting posture will lead to spine related problems; but we just cannot do away with it because of the kind of digital lifestyle we lead. One of the easiest and most comforting approach to save your spine is to approach a Thai spa in bangalore and ask them to perform pressure points along with yogic session to correct posture. Usually they offer 3 sessions; each for 30-50 minutes depending on the intensity and soreness of the muscles.

Every person desiring to live a better lifestyle in this era is exposed to a large number of emotional imbalances and pressure. To keep yourself abreast and ready to fight evil; one must religiously make sure to keep the body-mind and soul healthy. A thai massage therapy always promises to end the session with a boost of energy and improved mental and physical stability to its clients. 

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