List Of 6 Add-Ons For Thai Massage Therapy

Add-ons to Thai Massage Therapy

Thai Massage is considered as one of the best and quickest massages of all. You would see a large crowd hitting the Thai massage Bangalore quite often as this massage therapy gives complete nourishment to every muscle and every tissue in the body. However, Thai massage therapy does not include the usage of oils, sleeping on comfortable mattresses and getting a good pampering. You could choose some add-ons from the other massage therapies to the Thai massage at the Thai spa in Bangalore to get complete nourishment. Here are the things you could ask for as add ons.

  1. Head and Neck Massage – The Thai massage given in the Thai massage centers in the Bangalore are very effective on the joints and muscles. The hands, back, and legs are greatly massaged, stretched and nourished but the neck region goes completely ignored. With the regular Thai massage, you could ask for a great neck massage and also a head massage. If you are a desk-job person, you will have to choose this add on as the neck pain that happens because of sitting for hours is the starting point of the backaches you get. A good massage on the forehead makes the Thai massage an amazing experience.
  2. Face Massage – With the Thai Massage, all the bones and joints get nourished and are made a little more flexible The tissues on the skin and muscles that are attached to these bones and joints are also a part of a good rubbing session given by the massage expert at the Thai spa in Bangalore. This makes the cells to eliminate toxins. What is seldom forgotten is that the face has muscles and cells too. Elimination of toxins from the face skin surface makes you look vibrant and bright. You could ask for this add on while getting a Thai massage therapy done.
  3. Foot Massage – Foot massage is normally is included in Thai massage therapy. However, if the Thai massage spa in Bangalore that you choose does not do a foot massage and if you do not ask for one, you will have lost the most essential bit of massage. Your feet carry your entire body weight and need all the pampering that you face or any part of the body gets. A good foot massage as an add on greatly relieves all the pressure and pain that your feet take in carrying you around.
  4. Hair Massage – Hair massage is not a part of Thai massage therapy. If you have chosen a holiday to get all the pampering at the Thai spa in Bangalore, request the massage to give you a good massage on the scalp hair. With a good hair massage, the cells of the hair and scalp receive oxygenated blood and this is an amazing add on to get complete nourishment from tip to toe.
  5. Oil Massage – Oil is a no-no of Thai massage therapy. The person taking up a good that massage is completely clothed during the massage sessions at the Thai massage spa in Bangalore. If you do not have any problem in getting unclothed and getting dirty with a little oil smeared over your body for a good massage, you can ask for an oil massage addition to the traditional Thai massage. There are many aromatic oils that will completely soothe your body and mind giving you complete nourishment. The oil applied on the body can be wiped off well by the massage expert and your dress can be free from oil stains.
  6. Herbal massage – Herbal massage is a massage given with all the goodness of herbs and plant elements. I could include ginger, lemongrass, lavender and other such plant products that work great on your body cells. Along with good Thai massage therapy, you can request for a speck of these natural elements added on to your massage. This will completely instill the goodness in your cell naturally and help you get an immune body.


A Thai massage taken at a good Thai spa in Bangalore is more than sufficient to have complete nourishment. All these are add-ons that you could opt for along with the massage. Start looking for a Thai spa near you and have a replenishing massage.

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