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Thai Massage Therapy is One Of The Best Cure For Depression

Many a times people run away from understanding what their mind and body is trying to tell them. Our body is trained to pour out emotions and these emotions are expressed by laughter, tears, anxiety, energy levels, hypertension, skin breakouts, body imbalances, sensory organs and so on. While a lot of these emotions are processed by our body; it is very essential to sit down and read to learn how our body is reacting and at what time of the day. Let us start closely by looking at the questions you have to ask yourself- Are you stressed out? Are you losing interest in things that once made you feel...

10 Provable Benefits Of Traditional Thai Massage

How is a traditional Thai massage different from other massage therapy? A traditional Thai massage also known as Lazy Massage is based out of the ancient principles of Indian Ayurveda and yogic positions. A therapist will stretch and loosen the muscles to release tension and relieve joints paints. At the end of the thai massage therapy you will feel rejuvenated and energized.  During this technique the therapist does not make use of any essential oils or lotions instead applies pressure to the pressure areas of the legs and arms. The therapist uses his/her hands, knees, legs and feet to apply adequate pressure to the joints. Once the pressure is...

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What Is Thai Massage Therapy And Its Benefits?

Thai massage therapy is a traditional form of healing which makes use of acupressure, assisted yoga and various stretching methods.  This is a traditional massage form which is said to have been founded by Shivago Korampaj who was Buddha’s physician some 2500 years ago. Thai massage has evolved over time and is a combination of various healing techniques, and variations of it can be found from region to region. Traditionally, Thai massage spa in bangalore do not make use of any lotions or oils. The person undergoing the massage remains fully clothed during the session. To facilitate movement, loose and comfortable clothes are worn during the massage. The recipient...