When one considers the benefits of deep tissue massage, there are a number of them that comes into the picture:

  • Lowers high blood pressure.
  • Reduces chronic pain
  • Naturalizes damaged muscles
  • Works on scar tissue
  • Relieves stress
  • Treats back pain

Deep tissue massage works on improving the circulatory system of the body and maintains the systolic and diastolic pressure. As a result, this brings down the systolic and diastolic pressure aiding in lowering high blood pressure in patients suffering with it. The numbers, particularly for the systolic pressure, would be reduced by 10.4mm/Hg and diastolic pressure by 5.3mm/Hg. Which implies an overall reduction of a heart rate by 10.8 beats per minute. The gliding movements and cross fiber strokes across the body obliquely help in reducing the chronic back pain. The movements are slower and firmer while moving all across the body and the reduction of chronic pain.

The muscle tension deteriorated health and not being able to recover quickly due to weakened immunity could lead anybody to depression and stress them out in and out, while the deep tissue massage could lower cortisol levels aiding in the creation of oxytocin, making the person happy and relaxing.  Deep tissue massage improves flexibility and motion helping to break and erase scar tissue. This would be done by improving the lymphatic circulation, deep tissue massage is good to start for people recovering from surgeries. Deep tissue massage would help in loosening the tight muscles or stiffened muscles and to rehabilitate sports injuries.

Deep tissue massage also be referred to as sports massage is for athletes as it works on rehabilitation of muscles and improving the flexibility of the body and in terms of motion as well it aids a lot.  This is also done as warm-up prior events to refrain from injuries and enhance recovery just in case of any attacks. This is used as an alternative or complementary to help labor pain and maintain natural birthing process. This process overall reduces stress, anxiety, back and leg pain, and premature delivery making the women ready for the delivery and reducing the delivery time and medication.

Unlike Swedish massage, deep tissue massage is cross movements massages, while the Swedish goes along with the muscles, the deep tissue massage is a bit more painful and is done against the muscle flow. This is quite long compared to the other massages ranging from 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

However, there are few precautions to be taken before a deep tissue massage:

Since this is a bit more painful compared to any other forms of massage, one needs to talk to the therapist in prior and ensure you have not undergone any surgeries or not injured nor pregnant to avoid further injuries or discomforts.

Finding deep tissue massage therapist is one of the major tasks as finding the right one matters, however in Bangalore, we find a lot of spas which offer deep tissue massage services helping in people relax and rejuvenate. Deep tissue massages lasts longer compared to our standard massaged or any other forms of massages, as well apply more pressure and in slower as well. Many benefits including arthritis treatment, anxiety, and stress reduction, lowers back pain, chronic pain, lowers blood pressure are done through deep tissue massage.