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Massage therapy and health benefits

What is a Massage therapy used for?

Massage therapy transforms your body from a confused and agitated state of mind to a more relaxed and stable mindset. It mainly helps to keep your health scores on track. The right amount of pressure relaxes your muscles, joints and improves range of motion along with posture correction.

With references in various mythologies, body spa is one of the oldest practices to relieve pain. From a newborn baby to elderly people ; various massage spa techniques are incorporated to heal lower back pain, neck ache, frozen shoulders and headaches which would relieve them from pain and stress and increase mobility and flexibility.  

 Every massage spa in Bangalore nowadays are far more developed with improved facilities to provide the best of its benefits to its clients; not only do they provide a calm soothing atmosphere for the right mind set; but also provide various after effect treatments like meditation for example. 

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Various types of massage and its health benefits – 

  1. Swedish Massage – 
    1. The primary goal of this massage is to calm the entire body. 
    2. The therapist rub’s the muscles in the direction of blood returning to the heart.
    3. This message not only relaxes your body; but also increases the level of oxygen in the blood, increases flexibility of muscles and improves tissue joint range of motion.
  2. Deep tissue Massage – 
    1. The primary goal of this massage is to treat various musculoskeletal pains occurred during sports and heavy lifting of weights. 
    2. The slow and gentle movement of fingers by giving appropriate pressure at the joints and steady application of more pressure to the deep layers of the skin reducing inflammation and decrease in pain. 
    3. This massage reduces stiffness; removes hard lumps formed due to excessive joint and muscle strain and reduces tension in the muscle and unwinds the mind mentally.
  3. Shiatsu Massage
    1. The primary goal of this massage is to apply minimal pressure at the targeted points of the body. The pressure applied to the acupuncture points promotes energy flow and helps to remove intoxicants present in the body does mainiting harmony from inside.
    2. Pressure is applied using the fingers of the therapist and eventually a rhythmic movement on the precise points of the body is started. 
    3. This massage regulates the autonomic neural activities. Heals sprains, chronic neck and shoulder pain, sinusitis and bronchitis.
  4. Hot Stone Massage
    1. The primary goal of this massage is to relax the muscles by applying some amount of heat and that is naturally generated from the stones without causing any discomfort to the receiver.
    2. The therapist places stones on the right and left the side of your spine, in the palms of your hands and both feet and abdomen. The heat from the stones will gradually relax the muscle and opens clots if any.
    3. This massage heals the receiver from anxiety, back pain, insomnia, and depression.
  5. Traditional Chinese massage –
    1. The primary goal of this massage is to allow the blood present in our body to move freely not resulting in any clots or blocks.This massage also focuses on energy points which are closely related to the principles of acupuncture.
    2. The receiver is asked to sit on a cair and various pulling, stretching, pinching and pressing of acupoints is involved. 
    3. This massage induces happy hormones into the body, lowers hypertension, improved respiration, and circulation, helps in opening a frozen shoulder and heals from any kind of injury. 
  6. Tantric massage 
    1. This uses the receiver energy itself and produces relief to the mind and helps the soul to be free-spirited
  1. This massage will result in self-realization, self-acceptance, boost in confidence, increased self-esteem and induces a deep sense of relaxation. 
  2. Thai massage 
    1. The primary goal of a Thai spa therapy is to ease the body from stress and strain and relieve the muscle and joint pains.
    2. The therapist will make the client to lie down on the floor and applies pressure by various stretching, pulling, pushing movements. This balances the body energy lines within the system and exfoliates the intoxicants built inside. 

Last but not least I strongly recommend to visit a massage centre in Bangalore for a spa once every 15 days to heal the body, mind and should. While we do all this judiciously we also must keep in mind the kind of food we consume. 

Healthy mind always resides in a healthy body!

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