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Thai Massage Therapy is One Of The Best Cure For Depression

Many a times people run away from understanding what their mind and body is trying to tell them. Our body is trained to pour out emotions and these emotions are expressed by laughter, tears, anxiety, energy levels, hypertension, skin breakouts, body imbalances, sensory organs and so on. While a lot of these emotions are processed by our body; it is very essential to sit down and read to learn how our body is reacting and at what time of the day.

Let us start closely by looking at the questions you have to ask yourself-

  1. Are you stressed out? 
  2. Are you losing interest in things that once made you feel excited and happy?
  3. Do you get angry at the actions of your dear ones; which was just not the case before? 
  4. Are you now feeling apprehensive to cross a familiar phase of life?
  5. Do you feel high at times and low at just another second? 
  6. Do you just suddenly start to shed tears; without knowing the reason behind the emotion?
  7. Are you crossed by statements in your mind about ending your life- a worthless feeling?

If most of them turn out to be a yes; don’t feel afraid; slowdown your heartbeat and tell yourself yes I am going through a phase of depression.Depression is just like any other disease and can you be cured by experts. 

Always remember you are unique and completely necessary for this world to move forward. 

You are not worthless and the star of your own destiny.

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How to cure Depression without gulping in tablets?

Depression is also called as a mood disorder and is mainly caused by a hormone called Cortisol which is released by the adrenal glands. At this time it is highly important to listen to your body and deal with these stressful situations.

A Thai massage therapy can be one of the best solutions to ensure any kind of depression.
A Thai spa helps you loosen your muscle and connective tissues; thus reducing the tension in the body. It also plays a major role in decreasing the cortisol hormone and in return increases the serotonin hormone which boosts anti-pain in your body. 

Every Thai massage center near me have 6 steps in common- 

  • Rubbing
  • Stretching 
  • Eliminate joint and back pains through yogic postures 
  • Does not apply any oil to massage 
  • Applies adequate pressure to the energy line/ acupressure points
  • Use Acupuncture needles, warm stones when needed

Do not forget to check these 6 points if you want to move away from sadness/ depression.

Steps to be followed post a Thai massage therapy 

  1. Psychotherapy – Speak your heart out to a therapist and seek advice on how to fight against this mere emotional disorder. It is not a tough job; all you need to do is exchange your feelings and start by believing you would not be judged.
  2. A therapy with light – Expose your body to sunlight. This will elevate your mood and allow you to process new thoughts with the dawn of every day.
  3. Exercise/ Fitness regime- 5 days a week – 30 mins of physical activities. Challenge yourself to fight this disease. An outdoor sport is most relevant to fight against depression.
  4. Say a no to Alcohol or drugs 
  5. Incorporate Vitamins to your body 
    1. Vitamin B12 and B6 are vital to your mental health  
    2. Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin; plays a major role in proper functioning of your heart, brain and bone health
  6. Spread the fragrance of 2 essential oils – Wild Ginger & Bergamot in the atmosphere to reduce the anxiety levels as this scent will induce a sense of happiness to the patient.

Studies show that depression is not a disorder of the recent; many adults suffered some kind of anxiety disorder even 100 years ago. The oldest forms of cure to treat a patient suffering from depression is massaging the patient’s body to rejuvenate the soul and relax the muscles.

One of the oldest and ancient form of cures is a Thai massage.

Thai spa in Bangalore have been able to successfully cure many depressed patients by their ancient techniques of yoga and acupuncture.

Depression is not a disease; it is a state of emotional imbalance – when treated using natural and ancient methods of cure it can always be reverted without any sense of pain.

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