Thai Massage Therapy

Thai Spa in Bangalore

Thai massage is one of the ancient methodologies to healing yourself, which comprises of yoga, joint mobilization, and acupressure. This method claims to be hailed from India and is about 2500 years old. During the time of Buddha, his physician Shivago Komarpaj is said to have started this massage and over the period of time as Buddhism started moving to Thailand it made its firm there. Thai massage services do not use any sort of oil or lotion, neither does it use any gliding or kneading motions, unlike many popularly known massage forms. One could remain completely dressed in this massage and adhere to the mat while the masseuse/masseur does it, however, in this form, there is active participation of the individual. This would include stretching, pulling, and rocking techniques to enhance flexibility and range of motion by the therapist and the individual would be actively participating. There are many benefits of Thai massage, one could use it to relieve stress, headache, body ache, and others as such.

Thai massage works with the flow of energy and blood circulation, henceforth a lot of health benefits. Here are a few health benefits that would be acquired from Thai massage services.

Ensure to visit a qualified, licensed massage therapist as they understand the body and the pressure points because working with some muscles and stretches or even called “Asana” wouldn’t be easy for a normal person and might lead to stiffening of muscles. These therapists at the Thai massage spa’s are aware of targeting the muscle knots.

Athletes have a therapist as they are prone to muscles stiffening, muscle and joint pain, injuries and as well fatigue easily they have therapists who are well versed in this. Thai massage services extend to help athletes as well. This is another amazing positive aspect of Thai massage, that it helps the athletes, as the Thai massage spa helps in stretching and relaxing of muscles. The circulation helps them in rejuvenating the body helping in intense training and keeping their body flexible and ready for the purpose.

Since there are a lot of health benefits in Thai massages one must not overdo it, as the excess stretching might hamper your body. Keep in mind of the tissues and muscles and the tissues that would have stretched. After the massage drinks plenty of water and keeps yourself hydrated helping yourself to rejuvenate. One must always keep in mind that they should focus on daily maintenance of the body, such as yoga, healthy food and lifestyle all these add value to life.


Reduces back pain

Thai massage works on the back pain like the best and hence they help in reducing acute back pain and chronic nonspecific back pain. They relieve muscle pain and spasticity as well as joint stiffness and pain. This overall calms the body and the nervous system.

There are a lot of massage centres near you and particularly in Bangalore. One must be aware of the kind of place they visit and the kind of massage they opt for. However, before heading to the massage one must ensure that s/he should

  • One should not overeat before they head for a massage
  • Ensure to keep the therapist posted about your recent health summary
  • Ensure to be in loose-fitting, try to avoid tight-fitting as the flexibility would come into the picture.

You need not go to Thailand for Thai massage, you could find Thai massage spa and Thai massage services near your location. You can lookout for a lot of Thai massage spa in Bangalore.


Therapists use their hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches. The gentle stretching gradually helps in flexibility over a period of time allowing a greater range of motion. Thai massage also improves the circulation of fluids in the joints, or synovial fluid, which reduces friction between joints.

Stimulates circulation

Thai massage therapy can increase the circulation of both blood and lymph through the use of gentle stretches. While these massages include body movements one would have a good amount of blood circulation helping in the somatosensory system and in balance.

Relieves headache

Court-type – this is one specific method to apply pressure against specific meridians in the body. This could be one instant relief for people suffering from chronic tension headaches. It stimulates blood flow and lymph circulation and relaxes the sympathetic nerves. It connects to the mind and body resulting in an emotional balance and stability of thoughts, creating a positive vibe and attitude.

Who should not go for Thai massage?

Since there is an impact on the circulatory system and increased blood flow, people with the following complaints should visit a doctor before they visit a therapist for the opinion

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetic patients
  • Heart diseased
  • Osteoporosis
  • Coronary artery disease
  • A neurological disease that affects the spine

People who must not take up this at all would be the following:

  • Pregnant ladies
  • Cancer affected
  • Herniated disk
  • People with back injuries

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

How Does A Thai Massage Work?

Thai massage actually works with a compression method where your muscle tissues are pressed either with hands or fingers.

What Do You Wear During A Thai Massage?

You can be fully dressed for Thai massage but as Thai massage requires several movements so it is best suggested to come dressed up with loose and comfortable clothes.

What Are The Types Of Thai Massage?

Thai massage is a deep massage and it mainly includes 4 types. 1) Traditional Thai massage 2) Thai oil massage 3) Thai pinda massage 4) Thai foot massage

What Are The Specialities Of Thai Massages?

Thai massage helps to reduce mind stress, stimulates blood circulation, helps to overcome headaches and increases overall energy.

What Is A Thai Full Body Massage?

A full Thai body massage includes various parts of body from head to feet which releases overall tension and stress.

How Often Do I Get A Thai Massage?

You can have Thai massage once a week or 4 times in a month to get the best benefit out of it.

Should I Shower Before A Thai Body Massage?

Yes it is recommended to shower before a Thai massage because it will help yourself to relax better and also helps the therapist because you might smell unpleasant.

What Is A Dry Thai Massage?

Thai dry massage refers to massaging your body without applying any kind of oil.

What Is Included In A Thai Massage?

Thai massage uses the principles of Indian Ayurveda and various yoga postures in the massage process.

What Are The Benefits Of Thai Massage?

Thai massage helps to keep your mind fresh, helps in emotional and physical well being and provides positive vibes.

Is Thai Massage Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes Thai massage is absolutely safe during pregnancy in fact it helps reduce heart burn, tiredness and sickness.

Is Thai Massage Better Than Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue uses kind of more pressure to your body compared to Thai massage.

How Is Thai Massage Different From Western Massage?

In Thai massage the client is fully dressed and no oil is used compared to western massage.

What Do I Expect In A Thai Body Massage?

You can get head to feet Thai body massage with all major health benefits.

Do We Have To Be Flexible To Get A Thai Massage Done?

Not at all. Anyone can take up Thai massage and there is nothing like you must be flexible.