Top 10 benefits of spa and massage treatments

In a city like Bangalore, we all travel day with the hustle-bustle due to traffic, pollution and to top it all, the work. This makes us feel extremely stressed out by dawn and we do not even realize the stress and strain our body has gone through. This is when we need to calm our minds and treat our bodies.

Heading to a spa in the city can be a pampering treat for yourself. Not only does a spa rejuvenate your body but it also flushes out all the intoxicants present in both the mind and the body. 

I also strongly believe you can book tickets and fly to a destination where you can enjoy and relax; have a getaway to a different land away from all the chaos; but that requires a lot of planning and effort, but something that is far easier is to walk down the lane and knock the doors of a massage centre in Bangalore. Isn’t it?? Definitely ten times less costly than traveling to an island!

Time to brief you on the 10 crisp benefits:

massage centre in bangalore
  1.  Do you want fresh glowing skin? If yes a facial Thai massage center in Bangalore is just the answer you are looking for. When a therapist applies the right amount of pressure to all the facial joint muscles your body will not only release happy hormones but also will promote cellular healing due to increased blood circulation and get rid of all the dead skin and finally result in youthful bright skin.
  2.  Flush away all the toxins in my body is what you would feel when you see a fat belly or a sudden hair loss. Just when you start to realize this change; ask the therapist to give you a Thai herbal steam sauna/ bath. This will relax the muscles after an intensive massage and at the same time, it will open all the clogged pores thus allowing the herbal vapors to enter the body to draw out toxins and sweat which is built up through the week.
  3. Boost your self-confidence- Calm yourself, sit back and relax for a refreshing 60-90 minute massage therapy. The yogic postures combined with gentle stretches by the therapist will not only increase blood circulation which fills both blood and lymph tissues with oxygen and in turn stimulates the somatosensory glands which plays a major role in balance.
  4. Improve joint mobility and enhance flexibility – This is a massage technique applied to increase pressure on the joints of your body by tapping the right bones which will increase a person’s flexibility over time; thus improving the circulation of the synovial fluid to reduce friction between the joint.
  5. Suffering from a chronic Migraine/ headache? – Ask the Thai massage therapist to embrace you with a Court-Type Thai massage. This massage will lower nerve irritation, reduce anxiety and stress which is the root cause of a tension headache.
  6. Wrinkles? — Yes, you heard it right, Spas can help prevent the onset of wrinkles? Asian Anti-Ageing Massage Spa in Bangalore is one of the most popular massages parlors in town. It just about vanishes wrinkles, relaxes your neck muscles, décolletage the skin, tightens your cheeks and gets rid of a double chin.
  7. Postpartum Massage — Mustard Oil is very essential for the mother’s body. Even if a tinge is used, it will drastically reduce the stress and strain of the muscles she went through during labor.
  8. Weight Gain — Do you notice a sudden increase in weight? I was amazed to know that massage therapy also helps in maintaining metabolism levels. A deep-tissue massage instantly breaks down the fatty deposits, burns your calories and opens skin pores. Added to all that a persistent diet and exercise are highly important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  9. Varicose Vein Pain–. Standing all day takes a toll on your feet and this results in the swollen and enlarged calf and knee veins. A leg massage by using Lavender oil with minimal pressure will reduce swelling and discomfort.
  10. Insomnia or Improper Sleep– Are you a sleep deprived human? Massage your body with essentials oils of Rose and Geranium to reduce anxiety, calm the nervous system thus inducing sleep and warmth to your body.

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